[Tutor] Newbie question re: user interaction

Doug Stanfield DOUGS@oceanic.com
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 15:55:40 -1000

[Gus Hungerford asked] 
> Anyway, what I'm writing to ask about is, how do I do the 
> equivalent of the following BASIC function in Python?
> 10 INPUT "What is your name?" N$
> 20 PRINT "Hello, " N$ "!"

Look at the raw_input function.  The reference example (below) is almost
what you need.  You'll probably want this:

answer = raw_input('What is your name? ')
print answer


>From the 'Python Library Reference':

raw_input ([prompt]) 
If the prompt argument is present, it is written to standard output without
a trailing newline. The function then reads a line from input, converts it
to a string (stripping a trailing newline), and returns that. When EOF is
read, EOFError is raised. Example: 

>>> s = raw_input('--> ')
--> Monty Python's Flying Circus
>>> s
"Monty Python's Flying Circus"

If the readline module was loaded, then raw_input() will use it to provide
elaborate line editing and history features.