[Tutor] Newbie questions with an anmbitious tweak!

Cuny, Christophe (ANTS) christophe.cuny@ants.co.uk
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 11:16:46 -0000

Hello Tutor list.

First of all, thank you for existing. We newbies appreciate the work that
you guys put in supporting us.

I am new to programming (almost) and new to Python. At first sight, I
thought Python looked a lot easier than other languages. Whilst this is
still valid, I also realised that I would have some serious issues doing the

1)	Creating Stand-alone exes for 32 bit Windows.
2)	Create a GUI for small apps I have in mind. 

So can I start with a basic question. In tutorials, I get referred to "using
a text editor such as notepad...". But using Python for windows I saw that
the "built-in" editor has full syntax highlighting. So the question is: do I
actually need another editor or are the tutorials referring to old versions
of Python?

I also notice that I have problems relating to what "components" or
"modules" are available and what they do.  Is there an IDE for Python
(windows) that has a proper browser-like utility for seeing the modules (and
perhaps their related help files or whatever) or is there no standard? From
my version of Python, I now it is possible to search for modules but I have
to know the name and Python seems to look only in the "system path" (?).

Generally, if I want to use modules from other people, must they be in a
specific sub-directory of Python or should I be ok accessing them from any
place were they may have been unpacked on my hard drive? Finally, is there
an editor (for Python in Windows) that would be able either to refer to a
library of commands or/and to complete command words as they are part-typed?

I also have a question on GUIs. I have read a bit about Tk but to the
newbie, constructing a user interface, for an application with menus and
windows, using what seems to be another language is daunting, especially
since trying to get to grips with core Python is enough for the newbie. It
may be a question of "patience my friend" but can I ask what the best and
most seamless approach would be to create such an interface and actively
link it to Python scripts? Has anyone ever developed a kind of RAD tool for
Python, that would also integrate GUIs? Or rather than using an external
language, is there such a thing as a Python module/extension that would
include this capability?

And if you think this is a long email, be aware that I have other huge
question marks hanging over COM access, about which I know so little, and
which would also be useful...guess I'll save that one till later huh?

Thank you for your help. I realise I am diving straight in with ambitious
targets, but that's what it's all about and your help will be greatly

Thank you


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