[Tutor] New to all of this

John Flynn johnnyflynn@hotmail.com
Fri, 02 Feb 2001 11:23:14 -0500

        Hi there everyone. I am wondering if anyone out there knows where I 
might be able to find some source code for a simple (very simple) and small 
text editor done completely in Python. I would like to be able to refrence 
this code to help learn. The things that I would need (I am totally new to 
all of this:)) would be something simple that would draw it's own window 
(not Microsoft's dumb default one) and take the text that is typped in and 
save it as .txt, and be able to open .txt files. That is about all, nothing 
more than the one that comes with Windows. I just want to use it as a tool 
to help learn the different actions associated with opening files, saving 
files, drawing a window and possibly (A LONG WAY DOWN THE ROAD) be able to 
write my own (Open Source Of Course!, Hey I'm a poet) text editor. Any help 
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks,John Flynn
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