[Tutor] opening programs

Glen Wheeler wheelege@tsn.cc
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 12:07:27 +1100

  If all your trying to do is run a script, you can do it within the
environment your working (i.e IDLE, Activestate Activepython) if your
writing them as text files then saving then as *.py files then you can still
open them in these programs then choose 'Run Script' from one of the menus.
  I missed all the previous messages on this, so if I am totally unhelpful -
sorry :)


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> >As long as your hello.py file is saved in a >directory (folder) that
> Python knows to >look in, you should be able to type
> >>>import hello.py
> >in Idle to run the program.
> >Hope this helps,
> >Rob Andrews
> I'm afraid that doesn't work. Do I have to learn dos so I can set the
> path? If there is an easy tutorial on how to do this let me know please
> I'm really getting discouraged.
> Ron
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