[Tutor] Basic Question

Stevenson M Hickey sthickey@juno.com
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 22:20:42 -0800


I am a new subscriber and I am just learning about Python.  I have a MSc
in Mathematical Computer Science and very little experience in
programming.  Lately I have wanted to do some database structures that
would not be easy or even possible with MsAccess and so I started looking

I was recommended to Python as an easy language to learn and an efficient
language to program in.  I am wondering if anyone knows how to command
the Jet DataBase engine of Microsoft with Python scripts? 

More directly, I am looking for some amplification of the Tutorial in the
form of some simple scripts that will make windows parse ascii texts in
various ways.  In particular, I would like to be able to scan several
files and combine them at will or take several lines from one and put it
in another, etc.  Common CShell stuff.  I am running Windows 98 on a 400
MHz Pentium 2 with 60 Mb Ram.  

I guess, before I get too deep into this kind of a problem, I need to get
some practice doing the utmost simple API calls. 

I would appreciate any help anyone can give.

My home email address is sthickey@juno.com

Sincerely with Honor,

Stevenson Hickey