[Tutor] Basic Question

R. A. rob@jam.rr.com
Thu, 08 Feb 2001 06:38:37 -0600

I'm a newbie, so what you're up to is a bit beyond my level.  However,
you may find some of the other documentation that came with your Python
installation useful, such as the String Services section of the Python
Library Reference.  Also, my website has links to sites with information
on how to do a healthy assortment of tasks, as well as links to source
code repositories such as the Vaults of Parnassas.  Here's my links page


The archives for this list, as well as the archive of comp.lang.python
(searchable at deja.com), may also provide some excellent info for you.

Hope this helps a bit,
Rob Andrews

Stevenson M Hickey wrote:
> Hi!
> I am a new subscriber and I am just learning about Python.  I have a MSc
> in Mathematical Computer Science and very little experience in
> programming.  Lately I have wanted to do some database structures that
> would not be easy or even possible with MsAccess and so I started looking
> around.
> I was recommended to Python as an easy language to learn and an efficient
> language to program in.  I am wondering if anyone knows how to command
> the Jet DataBase engine of Microsoft with Python scripts?
> More directly, I am looking for some amplification of the Tutorial in the
> form of some simple scripts that will make windows parse ascii texts in
> various ways.  In particular, I would like to be able to scan several
> files and combine them at will or take several lines from one and put it
> in another, etc.  Common CShell stuff.  I am running Windows 98 on a 400
> MHz Pentium 2 with 60 Mb Ram.
> I guess, before I get too deep into this kind of a problem, I need to get
> some practice doing the utmost simple API calls.
> I would appreciate any help anyone can give.
> My home email address is sthickey@juno.com
> Sincerely with Honor,
> Stevenson Hickey
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