[Tutor] Raiobutton question

Harry Kattz gibbs05@flash.net
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 04:59:21 -0600

Greetings Glen & All,

Since I'm awake and struggling to learn Tkinter also, I've decided to jump

I tried your code in PythonWin and the value of x is indeed being set by the

The values stored in the TK variables can be retrieved using their 'get'
method, so the following modification to the die function should fix your

def die(x)
    print 'dead'
    print x.get()

I think you can find this in the top paragraph on page 152 of 'Python and
Tkinter Programming' by Grayson.

Your code set the radiobutton's default just fine when I tried it, so I
can't help you with that one. ;-)

Good luck

>   Thanks alot for the help - I understand why that wasn't working.  Also,
> the reason I had the root = Tk() in there is because Grayson explains he
> expects that (among other header stuff) at the beginning of all his
> (note he says beginning, and not 3rd in line, like I had it).
>   However, my real problem is still rearing it's ugly head.  Almost the
> code as before :
> from Tkinter import *
> root = Tk()
> x = IntVar()
> def die(x):
>     print 'dead'
>     print x
> for text, value in [('Pathetic', 100), ('Good', 60), ('Fun', 40),
> 15)]:
>     Radiobutton(root, text=text, value=value, variable=x).pack(anchor=W)
> b = Button(root, text='lets go', command=
>            lambda x=x:die(x)).pack()
> x.set(60)  ## meant to select a radio button as default however does not
> work
> mainloop()
>   Except this one makes a button that is meant to print 'dead' and also
> value of x.  This doesn't happen, instead it prints the name given to x
> its creation.  It appears that x is not changed by the radio buttons, or
> maybe it isn't even recognised (wrong namespace?  nah cos then the
> radiobuttons would throw an exception....right?).
>   I know this is an easy problem - they are the ones I have the most
> with.  It seems I can always work my way through the big ugly hard
> things...just not the easy ones.
>   Thanks again,
>   Glen.
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