[Tutor] Textbook Recommendation

alan.gauld@bt.com alan.gauld@bt.com
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 17:21:43 -0000

> 	I'm learning Python, and at the same time, creating an 
> online course in the language for a local school district.
> I would welcome recommendations on a textbook:

First you need to tell us a it more:

What if any programming/computer skills do the students 
have already?

> The two I am considering are:
> 1)Learning Python in 24 hours

Aimed at beginners with litle or no previous experience.
Good for an intro to GUI programming (and Mayan calanders!)

> 2)Learning Python

Only really suitable if they have a programming 
background already. Or if you are ready/able to do
a lot of additional work filling in the gaps.

I could suggest my book but I've done enough self 
promotion recently :-) Both of the above are good 
intros they just serve different audiences. Since 
I don't know what the other 4 books you have are 
I'll just add the following to your list:

Core Python - Wesley Chun
Quick Python - ??? Manning Press

I've browsed both and they look good and have had 
good reader reviews.

Alan g.