[Tutor] simple server and client question

Lindsay Davies Lindsay.Davies@moonshine.co.uk
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:21:54 +0000

Can't give you a definitive answer, but look at the documentation for 
the asyncore/asynchat[1] and SocketServer[2] modules. These should 
give you some good pointers. You might also want to look at Medusa[3] 
(where asyncore originated from) for some advanced examples.

Best wishes,


1.	http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/asyncore-example.html
2.	http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/module-SocketServer.html
3.	http://www.nightmare.com/medusa/index.html

On 13/2/01, Rob Andrews wrote about '[Tutor] simple server and client 
>I hate to even ask this one, because it just doesn't *feel* specific
>enough, but my sad little plea will have to do.
>The mandate has come from above that I write a simple server and client
>in Python in preparation for a project in development.  The server and
>client can do absolutely anything, and barely that, if I so choose, as
>they will not be used in the project (unless my code is brilliant enough
>to be useful for the project, I suppose, which is unlikely as it's a
>Java project).  The important thing is that I understand how to write
>such things.
>So if anyone can recommend any good sources I can absorb and start
>tinkering, I'd be mighty appreciative.
>Rob Andrews
>p.s.: The Useless Python site has undergone a serious renovation
>involving a hand re-coding in XHTML this last weekend.  Anyone who has
>submitted source code might want to take a peek and make sure I didn't
>mess up your entries in the process.
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