[Tutor] simple server and client question

Harry Kattz gibbs05@flash.net
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 16:57:50 -0600

Greetings Rob & All,

My suggestion for ginning up Python client / server fast would be XML-RPC
using xmlrpclib.py by Fredrik Lundh over at PythonLabs.  You can download it
at http://www.pythonware.com/products/xmlrpc/

There are two good articles on Python and XML-RPC at the O'Reilly Network:

Using xmlrpclib.py you'll have a test client & server done in less than two
hours and you'll probably have a small demo in your boss's area of interest
done before the weekend.

You'll probably want to check out Medusa and Zope while you're on this
subject also.

> I hate to even ask this one, because it just doesn't *feel* specific
> enough, but my sad little plea will have to do.
> The mandate has come from above that I write a simple server and client
> in Python in preparation for a project in development.  The server and
> client can do absolutely anything, and barely that, if I so choose, as
> they will not be used in the project (unless my code is brilliant enough
> to be useful for the project, I suppose, which is unlikely as it's a
> Java project).  The important thing is that I understand how to write
> such things.

How hooked are they on using Java for this?  Do you know if they're going to
use EJB or go with straight RMI?

I spent five months working with two other programmers on a Java project
using Swing and EJB that could have been done in only two months by one
programmer using Python with Tkinter and XML-RPC.

Make sure to tell 'those above' that the Java solution will be over five
times as expensive. :-)

> So if anyone can recommend any good sources I can absorb and start
> tinkering, I'd be mighty appreciative.
> Rob Andrews

Good luck