[Tutor] Running the programs

Rob Andrews randrews@planhouse.com
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:59:19 -0600

Try opening a command prompt (DOS prompt, if you like), and changing to your
Python directory.  Then type something along these lines:

C:\Python20> python helloworld.py

Substitute the name of your script for 'helloworld', of course.

And you can also run your script from within IDLE by typing:

>>> import helloworld

Does this help a bit?

Rob Andrews
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From: Christopher Bemis
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Subject: [Tutor] Running the programs

I am learning Python with"Learn Python in 24 hours", and am getting quite a
good grasp of the programming aspect....However here's my
problem........With all the sample progs that I've written I've used Notepad
as my editor....I save them as text as script.py.....but when I try to run
them I can't. I've tried Start/Run/.....py and I get a flash of a DOS box. I
try command prompt and it won't go at all.....I'm running Win98Se....Is my
DOS file path screwed up or is there something else I need....I have
Python2.0....or maybe I need a new DOS prompt....how do I get one? Help
The Great One