[Tutor] Running the programs

Christopher Peet Christopher Peet" <cpeet@git.org
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:21:09 -0800

For me this is the easiest thing to do. Start IDLE and do a Control+n to
open a new window. Type all your code in this new window and when you're
ready to run it, save it to temp.py - and then making sure focus is still on
the second window hit Control+F5. This will run the code in main IDLE
window. Making changes is easy, edit your code and type ALT f(ile) s(ave) to
save it again and rerun it with Control+F5. Very fast and you still have
IDLE color coding your text so you'll know right away if your syntax it

You'll never go back to using notepad after you get used to this setup..


Christopher Peet

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I am learning Python with"Learn Python in 24 hours", and am getting quite a
good grasp of the programming aspect....However here's my
problem........With all the sample progs that I've written I've used Notepad
as my editor....I save them as text as script.py.....but when I try to run
them I can't. I've tried Start/Run/.....py and I get a flash of a DOS box. I
try command prompt and it won't go at all.....I'm running Win98Se....Is my
DOS file path screwed up or is there something else I need....I have
Python2.0....or maybe I need a new DOS prompt....how do I get one? Help
The Great One