[Tutor] i want to learn to hack

Lindsay Davies Lindsay.Davies@moonshine.co.uk
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 13:43:34 +0000

On 15/2/01, Ryan Smith wrote about '[Tutor] i want to learn to hack':
>how do i hack?

Hacking[1] or cracking[2]?

In the latter case, this isn't the right list. If you want to learn 
to program, and be creative and constructive in your programming, 
then of course, Python's a good starting point.

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[1] The art of programming that uses both accepted design principles, 
kluges, and software/hardware fixes (whichever is inappropriate) to 
get the job done. It is frequently confused with cracking.

[2] The act of breaking into a computer system; what a cracker does. 
Contrary to widespread myth, this does not usually involve some 
mysterious leap of hackerly brilliance, but rather persistence and 
the dogged repetition of a handful of fairly well-known tricks that 
exploit common weaknesses in the security of target systems. 
Accordingly, most crackers are only mediocre hackers.