[Tutor] off-topic? (dos box)

Jose Amoreira amoreira@mercury.ubi.pt
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 10:19:56 +0000

I'm sorry if this is somewhat offtopic, but anyway...
At home, I usually run idle, but sometimes I'd prefer to run the
interpreter in a dos box. The problem is that I loose all the facilities
provided by readline, like command recall and editing. At work, I use a
linux pc, and install python from sources, with the readline option; but
in windows I don't have the make utility,  so I install precompiled
binaries. Replacing windows with an operating system is not an option
because the majority (my wife and kids) voted against it, go figure...
So my question is:
Is there any way of running the python interpreter in a command line
shell, with readline (or something similar) in windows? If so, could you
tell me how to do it, please?

Many thanks,