[Tutor] request for suggestions

Glen Wheeler wheelege@tsn.cc
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 08:23:19 +1100


  Well, what I would recommend is Tkinter - but I may be biased.  I hear
that PyGTK+ is actually very well suited to people with C, C++ backgrounds.
  I've been programming in Tkinter for a while now (6 months...still
semi-newbie :) and it is very nice.  As long as you get really object
oriented really fast, you should be fine.  However, there are some tricky
bits that you won't really get unless you have good documentation.  I'd
recommend searching around the python.org website or  buying a good book on
the subject.


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> Hello:
> I am trying to learn python from scratch. I have been following this
> mailing for sometime. I have learnt a lot from this group. I have been
> reading about Tkinter and PyGTK+ and other GUI interface development
> tools available for python. I use linux platform to learn python and
> like to get my feet wet with GUI development.
> I come from powerbuilder and c++ background(i have not used C++ for GUI
> development and not familiar with MFC class libraries). I would
> appreciate, if you could suggest whether I should start learning Tkinter
> or PyGTK+ or some other GUI tools.
> I look forward to hear from you.
> Thank you.
> Dinakar