[Tutor] request for suggestions

alan.gauld@bt.com alan.gauld@bt.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:20:49 -0000

> reading about Tkinter and PyGTK+ and other GUI interface development

> I come from powerbuilder and c++ background(i have not used 
> C++ for GUI development and not familiar with MFC class libraries). 

Thats an advantage then! :-)

MFC and most windows tools use a horrible paradigm for building 
GUIS based on absolute (often pixel based) locations. The other 
higher order toolkits tend to use layout managers to locate the 
controls for you - much nicer and a lot easier to control screen 
resizing etc.

> learning Tkinter

Easy to learn, available on Python, Tcl and Tk so the knowledge 
is transferrable and its multi platform. FWIW I like it :-)

> or PyGTK+ 

Somewhat multi platform, you can get compiled language support 
(C/C++) if thats important and is a somewhat more "conventional" 
GUI toolkit than Tk. Allows more sophistication thaty Tk but has 
a steeper learning curve IMHO. Integrates "easily" with the GNOME
project facilities.

> or some other GUI tools.

There are lots to choose from but I'd suggest sticking with Tk 
because there is more(not a lot but more!) documentation available
(especially for raw Tk) and most of the principles will transfer 
to other GUI toolkits later. For just slapping together a quick 
GUI interface over a ext based tool it takes a lot of beating.

my 2 cents worth,

Alan g