[Tutor] Where's the Walrus?

Tim Johnson tim@johnsons-web.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 07:48:16 -0900

Thanks very much to everyone for all the great help!! :)
On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Danny Yoo wrote:

> > FYI: Am coming from a background in C++
> > but please don't hold that against me :)
> That's no problem; don't worry about it.  Let's take a look... oh!  Take a
> look here:
Yes, that explicit passing of the self argument tripped me up....

> Even if it doesn't take in any arguments, "ally_oop.next_personality" has
> a different meaning to Python as opposed to "ally_oop.next_personality()":
> the first gives us the function itself as a value, while the second
> invokes that function.
Like the () operator override in C++................... 
> (Random note: in Matlab, functions that don't take one argument force you
> NOT to include the parentheses.  Really evil language.  Grrr.  Back to
> Python...)
Yes, VBA does that too.
> Feel free to ask any questions to us.  It's good to find another C++'er
> among us.  *grin*
Wonderful little exercise that you put in there.
I believe there is less C++ and more python in my future....
Thanks much
Tim Johnson
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