[Tutor] Python Usage Question

Tim Johnson tim@johnsons-web.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 08:09:29 -0900

Hi: I have a general question here:

I've been programming in C/C++ for some years now, also work with rebol, in
both cases commercially.

I've been asked to create a series of on-line programming classes in
programming for a local school district. It is targeted at sophomores through
senior level.

We will be teaching in order from first semester to last: Rebol, Python, Perl,
and C/C++.

We are also gathering information in the relative usage of programming
languages. (I suppose to extrapolate job opportunities)

Can anyone comment on the extent of usage of python in the commercial vs. the
educational community?

Thanks in advance, and also a big thanks for all the help and comments that I
have gotten for this list.

Tim Johnson
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