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Rob Andrews randrews@planhouse.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:31:23 -0600

While Python isn't one of the most demanded languages (yet) in industry, its
popularity is growing due to the relatively shallow learning curve and the
newbie-friendly user community.

<longstory>I was directed several months ago to *quickly* learn Java for a
project and found myself unable to wrap my head around it all by my
lonesome, although I made some headway by juggling a little Perl and a litle
Java simultaneously, which helped me fill in the blanks with some context.
Still, almost no headway, though.

Python kinda dropped into my lap (although not entirely like a 16-ton
weight), and I found that using IDLE was more fun than Diablo (no, really).
So I kept playing with it, reading through tutorials, and following the
Tutor list a bit, and have learned just about enough Python to be of small

To my joy, however, I cracked open my Java books this weekend when the edict
from several months ago reared its ugly head again.  Although I hadn't even
glanced at Java during my Python adventures, I found that I was able to
comprehend the code I was reading in Java.

If nothing else, I owe Python for smoothing over my neural pathways for the
Java travails to come.</longstory>

Rob Andrews
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From: "Tim Johnson" <tim@johnsons-web.com>

> Hi: I have a general question here:
> I've been programming in C/C++ for some years now, also work with rebol,
> both cases commercially.
> I've been asked to create a series of on-line programming classes in
> programming for a local school district. It is targeted at sophomores
> senior level.
> We will be teaching in order from first semester to last: Rebol, Python,
> and C/C++.
> We are also gathering information in the relative usage of programming
> languages. (I suppose to extrapolate job opportunities)
> Can anyone comment on the extent of usage of python in the commercial vs.
> educational community?
> Thanks in advance, and also a big thanks for all the help and comments
that I
> have gotten for this list.
> Regards
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