[Tutor] Help with CGI output

Sharriff Aina NHYTRO@compuserve.com
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 08:58:21 -0500

Hi guys!

I=B4m trying to generate thumbnails of images per CGI, somehow, my script=
not behaving as it should, could someone please have a look at my code?
Please excuse my sloppy coding, this is a test scipt that I=B4ll clean up=

when I get everything working.

Thanks a million!


The code
#!C:/Python/python.exe -u

print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n"

import cgi
import os

test2 =3D os.getcwd()
print "<html><title>test</title>"
print '<body>'
print "<br></br>"
print "saving HTML file to disk..."
print "<br></br>"
print test2
print "<br></br>"
templist =3D os.listdir("c:\\Xitami\medintouch\images")
print '<table border=3D"1">'
for x in templist:
    print '<tr>'
    print '<td>'    =

    print x
    print '</td>'
    print '<td><img src=3D"'
    print '<img src=3D"'
    print ''
  # print os.getcwd() + '\\' + x
    print '/' + x
    print '"></td>'
    print '<td><input type=3D"checkbox"></input></td>'
    print '<tr>'
print '</table>'
print '</body>'
print '</html>'

I just cant get the images to show up on my pages :-(