[Tutor] My two cents worth re Python Newbies

R. A. rob@jam.rr.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 22:18:47 -0600

Your post seems thoughtful, and hardly flameworthy.  This list is an
exceptional resource, and it's nice to see that others appreciate it
enough to express concern.  I find nothing to criticize about Python
Tutor, but you do remind us of a few significant points.

I add a few comments below:
Rob Andrews

Arthur Watts wrote:
> Guys,
>         I know that this post may attract the odd flame, but please read it
> in its entirety before you begin your reply.
>         The majority of posts to the Tutor mailing lists are from people who
> have tried to resolve a particular problem before resorting to the list.
> Some, however, are simply 'noise'. I find the patient, thoughtful replies
> given by the good souls on this list to be a real eye-opener, and I commend
> you for your warmth and dedication when responding to newbie enquiries. My
> own view is that the list should be for people who are able to :
>         a. Read
>         b. Use a Net search engine
>         c. Navigate to www.python.org
>         d. Use the skills detailed above to find other Python resources

All handy skills.  Let's not forget comp.lang.python and repositories of
source code which often provide rich veins of working solutions for the

>          If people still need to ask questions, then I'm willing to bet that
> the answer will be something which enlightens the majority of the list
> recipients. Python is growing at a phenomenal rate, but we need to keep the
> 'information <-> noise' ratio to a minimum, and a Tutor digest filled with
> questions such as 'Is Python any good for CGI / GUI programming /
> pre-schoolers ?' does neither the author nor the Python community any good.
> This is all covered at python.org (OK, some thought may be required re the
> pre-schoolers ..). As for the people who balatantly ask for someone to do
> their Uni assignment for them, I think the moderators have been way too
> polite / lenient !

I'm not a university student, but a career network geek who learns quite
a bit from some of these questions, so there's at least that much good
in it.  I can't recall off-hand any of these threads getting out of
hand, and the channel seems to exhibit a certain warmth that I like.

>         I realise that some may brand me elitist, but I am far from it : I
> still have a lot to learn re. Python and other Open Source products. The key
> is that I am prepared to actually cut some code or attempt to configure a
> product before I fire off a posting re. a particular issue.  We need to
> welcome thinking people to the Python community, and filter out those who
> have a problem with RTFM.
>         I welcome any constructive criticism on this subject. I don't own
> the list and I'm willing to accept the decision of other subscribers, be it
> ever so painful :}
> Regards,
> Arthur
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