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David Metzler dpm@softdesigns.com
Mon, 1 Jan 2001 22:50:18 -0800

Just for the record that telnet idea was not mine. I just installed a
program for a client. It was a law firm and the program was a java app that
connected via telnet to the main search site. It was westlaw I believe.
Westlaw has very tight security as it is an expensive service so I wonder
how they manage with telnet?
Anyway that got me thinking about telnet, which as you say is probably not a
great idea in general. In any event it is certainly a lot more work that
just connecting with the mysql lib.

So making my question more specific.
Linux server hosting myself.connected to Internet via dsl line 256k
Some Windows 9x clients on same LAN segment as mysql server
Some Windows 9x clients at home offices connected to internet via dsl or
Some Windows 9x clients at home offices connected via dial-up modem
Some Linux clients with all three connection options

The client does not want to accept the limitations of a web browser
I am considering a Python client.
What is the best way to program a connection to the backend sql database?
What are the other options and why are the problems with them?
What is necessary to make this code cross platform, IE: Linux, Win98

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> On Mon, 1 Jan 2001, David Metzler wrote:
> > I have several Linux hosted PHP 4 and MySql databases hosted at my
> > office. The clients accessing these databases are all win98 with
> > Explorer 5.50 This works well enough but the web browser based
> > application has several limitations. The biggest limitation being the
> > user-interface.  I have this vision that I could build a Python
> > program that could connect to the MySql based data and have all the
> > features a modern GUI program would expect to have and be Gnome, and
> > win98 compatible.
> The modern trend is away from proprietary UI programs and toward
> browser-based programs as it doesn't require a specific set of underlying
> system calls. And Gnome and win98 don't work well together.
> > I've looked at the telet module for python and it seems as though it
> > might work. Just telnet to my server and run the mysql client and send
> > data back and forth to a buffer and only show on the screnn what I
> > want.
> For security reasons, you should never use telnet.
> > I know I could just use the mysql module and connect directly to the
> > database but will it work well over a wan connection?
> Yes. I do it all the time.
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