[Tutor] Re: Web Client programming

Alan Gauld alan.gauld@freenet.co.uk
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 17:29:02 +0000

There is another way to do this which is to use the http connection 
from within a Python GUI app. This will generally be faster than a 
web browser but slower than a dedicated mySql connection. But its 
as safe as any other web connection...

The urllib library module should help here. And O'Reilly have/had 
a book entitled Web Client programming that showed how to do it
(albeit mainly in Perl!) I've seen this book on magazine cover CDs 
so maybe its published on the net somewhere too.

Essentially you will be calling the same CGI functions the 
browser solution would use and parsing the HTML returned.
It means you can still use a browser interface if no Python 
is installed but get faster and more slicker GUI features 
where Python is available.

Just something else to add to the mix...

Alan g.