[Tutor] Re:Where to find example source codes.

cruciatuz cruciatuz <sasoft@gmx.de>
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 22:01:48 +0100

Hello tutor-request,

Tuesday, January 02, 2001, 6:01:11 PM, you wrote:

  I am a beginner, too in python and in
  programming in general. I would really like a kind of
  snippet repository for the "Python beginners community",
  because i've learned a lot about Java within 20
  minutes of looking in a file with the format:

  how do i ...

  1. print something to stdout
  1.1 format this output
  1.2 ...

  2. open a file
  2.1 open a file in binary mode and why
  2.2 ...


  34. ...

  I don't remember where i found this file and i
  already deleted it since it was for java
  programmers and i am not a java programmer (was
  not the right language for me). but it was a
  bigger help for me than the very technical and
  indirect official java-tutorial. a single
  question which is answered with a few lines of
  example code and a short explanation is better than
  a whole technically chapter in a bloated book :)

  let's set up something like that at python.org
  or somewhere else, that would be great!

  PS: It should be a single html file with well
      chosen examples in perfect and elegant but
      readable syntax -> we need a few sentences
      about the criteria which is a "good" example
      and a "not so good example".

      Every Addition should be discussed in this
      list and a single person should finally
      decide if it should be added to the list or

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