[Tutor] Where to find example source codes.

Tesla Coil tescoil@irtc.net
Thu, 04 Jan 2001 23:18:51 -0600

On 31 Dec 2000, John Murray wrote:
> This reminds me of something I've been thinking about for
> a while, ie; should we be making our individual python project's
> code available to each other?  There must be quite a few scripts
> in various stages of completion spread throughout the tutor
> subscribers. As a newbie (to programming as well as python),
> I would normally be embarrassed about releasing my hideously
> amateurish code, though I would have no problems sharing it
> with other list members. Ugly as my code may be, some of it
> has actually proven to be useful, so surely others here have
> written useful stuff as well.

I've often thought an Interesting list would have posts of Python
source as its topic.  What typically motivates an initial post of
source to the Tutor list is that the author finds it to be deficient.

What's lost are the one-shot scripts you've knocked off, maybe
with little alteration of repeated use to someone else, not deemed
important enough to publish on your web page, and no one expects
to find it scattered off on your URL anyway.

And perhaps utility wasn't even the point.   Perhaps you had in
mind a clever function to reduce the iterations in calculating a
large factorial.  A nice conversation piece, provided an audience
who might appreciate that your only interest in the usual method
would be comparing the performance of this approach.

You could post it to comp.lang.python, but again, too unimportant
to bother distracting anyone from the latest debate on whether
this or that fundamental aspect of the language is a Good Thing.

Ideally, the list topic would be *unimportant* Python source.
I'd be compelled to subscribe to that one.

> Sorry to sound like an open source evangelist...........

Beats listening to a closed source evangelist...