[Tutor] Re: Example source code..

John Murray pursang@interact.net.au
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 09:50:27 +1100

Tesla Coil wrote:
>I've often thought an Interesting list would have posts of Python
>source as its topic.  What typically motivates an initial post of
>source to the Tutor list is that the author finds it to be deficient.

>What's lost are the one-shot scripts you've knocked off, maybe
>with little alteration of repeated use to someone else, not deemed
>important enough to publish on your web page, and no one expects
>to find it scattered off on your URL anyway.
>And perhaps utility wasn't even the point.   Perhaps you had in
>mind a clever function to reduce the iterations in calculating a
>large factorial.  A nice conversation piece, provided an audience
>who might appreciate that your only interest in the usual method
>would be comparing the performance of this approach.
>You could post it to comp.lang.python, but again, too unimportant
>to bother distracting anyone from the latest debate on whether
>this or that fundamental aspect of the language is a Good Thing.
>Ideally, the list topic would be *unimportant* Python source.
>I'd be compelled to subscribe to that one.

Nicely put. I'd like to see something like this, perhaps we could take up
Rob.A's kind offer of server space (I think using SourceForge might be
overkill?). All we would need is a simple web page with links to the various
scripts. Tutor list members could post their code with a name and brief
description; author names would be optional for the anon. cowards:-)
Periodically (every fortnight?), the site address and any new additions could
be posted in a brief tutor-list message. Would we set it up so that list
members can ftp their files directly to the site? Or would it be better to have
them sent to the site's maintainer, who would then list them on the download
page? I'd be happy to help in any way I can.