[Tutor] New to Python and programming and need suggestion

Curtis Horn curtishorn@home.com
Sat, 06 Jan 2001 13:08:58 -0800

Hello, I'm new to programming and python (just bought Learn to
Program Using Python by Alan Gauld, I'm on ch 14). I feel like
I have learned alot so far, and I look forward to finally bieng able
to do something with all the ideas I get.
My first project is work related ( of course :) and basically boils
down to this:

1. There is a text file that I want to monitor for certain key words,
it is organized by date time msg. The msg can be more than one
word, and each date time msg is on a seperate line. There are several
computers that need to be monitored in this way.

2. For the lines with those keywords I'd like to have them uploaded
onto a database running on a server.

3. I'd like people on the LAN to be able to look on a intranet page and
access the data on the database, visually and if they need more detail
with text.

maybe there is another way to monitor text files remotly with a web page other
than using a database as an in-between?

since I'm new to python, some things are not clear to me, like how to go about
having data sent to the database, and how to access the info with a web page.
I'm assuming it can be done with python and some other tools, like maybe
gadfly or mySQL and a web server?