[tutor] example code

John Murray pursang@interact.net.au
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 10:01:11 +1100

Rob A and Tesla Coil made some very good points in their last posts, I thought.
I'd just like to add a couple more:
I think the proposed page would fit in nicely with Rob's ms piggie site.
Emailing source directly to the site would probably be easiest, in view of the
small size of most scripts, and even if you do have a 30,000 line behemoth it
should zip up to a reasonable size. The only exception might be stuff that is
compiled into stand-alone executables.
I agree that the list would probably be the best place for comments.
I would like to see it strongly newbie oriented, so that raw newbies (like me!)
can send in their stuff, no matter how crappy it might be. Even one-liners can
be useful and interesting.
I really hope this thing takes off!