[Tutor] 2.0 Readline Interpreter.

Tesla Coil tescoil@irtc.net
Sun, 07 Jan 2001 18:42:34 -0600

I upgraded to BeOpen-Python-2.0-i386.rpm and, ouch, find
I no longer have GNU readline editing behavior I had with
the 1.5.2 interpreter.  Is this because it's not compiled
into the binary, or, that being installed to /usr/local has
broken access to the library, or can anyone even say?

I don't recall if I ignored any dependencies.  I installed
it and went some time before finding need for interpreter
interaction.  The only problems I immediately encountered
were having to compile PySol from source and getting
warnings about API version mismatch for module _tkinter
(which hasn't had any devestating results).