[Tutor] strange recursion result

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 17:33:36 -0500

[Tesla Coil]
> ...
> I wanna know how to figure out the maximum setting
> for a specific platform without provoking a crash.

If the Python implementers had been able to figure that out, they would have
done that internally rather than expose a stupid-ass gimmick like
sys.setrecursionlimit() <wink>.   The saving grace is that idiomatic Python
rarely uses recursion heavily, and a recursion limit of 1000 (or so) is
*way* more than most programs actually need.

> Hmm, sys.setrecursionlimit() might be entertaining
> to use in a recursive function <wink>.

Less fun than you might think, but suit yourself <wink>.