[Tutor] Re: More useless Python source

R. A. rob@jam.rr.com
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 07:00:23 -0600

Thanks.  I'm sending my reply to the group so I can say thanks to
everyone who's willing to help create THE MOST USELESS PAGE EVER! ;-) 
Before the tutor list took an interest in the project, it was indeed a
useless page, but in more of a *sadly pathetic* kinda way.

There's now a section on *Useless* devoted to this problem, so I'd be
tickled pink if a few more people take a shot at it and send me their
code to add to the the special section.  If anyone notices other
challenges on that ACM site to tackle, we can change the special section
header to encompass your interests.

Heck, I look forward to having to divide *Useless* into sub-sections, so
don't be afraid to bury me in source code.  Just remember to let me know
if I should post a link to your website or email, and life's simpler if
there are a few words about what a script does and any meaningful
comments in the source file.

Thanks all,
Rob Andrews

Remco Gerlich wrote:
> Someone suggested doing the ACM excercises for fun, the ones from
> http://acm.fi.uva.es/problemset/ .
> I implemented 136 and 100, and now I have to mail them away quickly or
> else I'll be sitting here coding for a week or so without sleep...
> Too bad we can't check our results. But hopefully we get multiple solutions
> that work in a different way. And the *cool* thing is that the Python
> solutions will be very short. Making Python look good. I would hate to do
> this in Pascal or C :)
> 'problem100.py' and 'uglies.py' are attached.
> --
> Remco Gerlich
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    problem100.pyName: problem100.py
>                 Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>    uglies.pyName: uglies.py
>             Type: Plain Text (text/plain)

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