[Tutor] Silly directory problems...

Joel Ricker joejava@dragoncat.net
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 21:54:10 -0500

D-man said:
>I had the same silly typo in my procmailrc file that someone else on a
>list pointed out to me.
>You don't want that leading '/' for a relative path.

Oh yea.  See, I told you it was silly :)

>| Also I created a module and when I first stared building it, I located
>| off one of the builtin module directories (I'm using activestate python
>| that directory is c:/python20/libs/) but when I moved it and tried to
>Oh, a Windows machine.  That's a really interesting path syntax.
>Could this be related to your above problem?  The path you gave is
>perfectly legal and normal for a Unix path.  (those most systems don't
>have a /dat directory by default)

Quite right, I'm running Windows 98 (should have mentioned that at the

The /dat directory is one of my own creation.  The path that I'm trying to
install my custom modules would will be in:


The directory named "work" is where the python source is running from.
Also, most of what I'm doing will be cgi stuff so I would like to install
the path the modules at run time since the directory for that would be
something like this:

/www/cgi-bin/lib/ where cgi-bin is the directory the scripts run from.  So
to clarify my question:

How do I properly add directories to the module search path?
How do I find the current directory?

Thanks again,