[Tutor] teleconferencing apps

Stephen Aichele stephen@mochamail.com
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 01:12:14 -0800

Hello.  I'm really interested in teleconferencing applications, and
I'm on a hunt for anything remotely resembling one written in Python
code.  After searching all over this website, the only thing I found
were several references to the same '5000 line' teleconferencing
application written at CWI, but apparently it's not available or not
open source (?)...

I'm also debating whether or not to begin learning C because it seems
that most of the 'popular' telecommunication apps are written in it. 
Python is my first language (yeah!), and I'd prefer to get more
experience in it before taking on another, but I'm antsy to get
cranking on some of my ideas and am having a hard time locating any
code to learn from.