[Tutor] teleconferencing apps

alan.gauld@bt.com alan.gauld@bt.com
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 17:56:26 -0000

> Hello.  I'm really interested in teleconferencing applications, and
> I'm on a hunt for anything remotely resembling one written in Python

> Python is my first language (yeah!), and I'd prefer to get more
> experience in it before taking on another, 

Given the above I think I'd better point out that a teleconferencing 
application is a pretty ambitious starting point! I'd try several 
other things first before even starting on teleconferencing. Maybe 
think about prototyping a GUI and database  first - coz you'll need 
them later anyway. Maybe just fronting IRC or something.

Then once you are fully conversant with Python try using the COM 
extensions to drive something like Netmeeting.(Although where 
you'll find documentation of the COM interface I don't know!)

Finally you can try some real down 'n dirty stuff to build a 
teleconferencing app from scratch. All of that can be done in 
Python, you don't need C. But C/C++ does give advantages when 
it comes to distributing the final application, but its a big 
learning curve and you'll need to write an awful lot of code(*) 
compared to Python!

Good luck,

Alan G.

(*) As in more than 10,000 lines probably!