[Tutor] Up All Night with IDLE.

Jose Amoreira amoreira@mercury.ubi.pt
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 19:08:48 +0000

Tesla Coil wrote:

> just wondering if there's a way that I can keep IDLE going
> and assure that I get a NameError when I deserve one...

But I don't think that you deserve a NameError! After all, you defined a
function foobar, and then defined a function foobaz (or whatever it
was), but foobar is still defined. You see, idle's main window is not a
program editor, but rather a phyton shell: everything you define there
is defined for as long as you dont remove it, using del(foobar), or else
deleting the hole damn thing by shuting idle down.
I think that i'm not too wrong here...