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Jose Alberto Abreu abreu@penguinpowered.com
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 08:29:54 -0600

Sounds good... you have my vote!

John Murray wrote:

> Tesla Coil wrote:
> >I've often thought an Interesting list would have posts of Python
> >source as its topic.  What typically motivates an initial post of
> >source to the Tutor list is that the author finds it to be deficient.
> >What's lost are the one-shot scripts you've knocked off, maybe
> >with little alteration of repeated use to someone else, not deemed
> >important enough to publish on your web page, and no one expects
> >to find it scattered off on your URL anyway.
> >
> >And perhaps utility wasn't even the point.   Perhaps you had in
> >mind a clever function to reduce the iterations in calculating a
> >large factorial.  A nice conversation piece, provided an audience
> >who might appreciate that your only interest in the usual method
> >would be comparing the performance of this approach.
> >
> >You could post it to comp.lang.python, but again, too unimportant
> >to bother distracting anyone from the latest debate on whether
> >this or that fundamental aspect of the language is a Good Thing.
> >
> >Ideally, the list topic would be *unimportant* Python source.
> >I'd be compelled to subscribe to that one.
> Nicely put. I'd like to see something like this, perhaps we could take up
> Rob.A's kind offer of server space (I think using SourceForge might be
> overkill?). All we would need is a simple web page with links to the various
> scripts. Tutor list members could post their code with a name and brief
> description; author names would be optional for the anon. cowards:-)
> Periodically (every fortnight?), the site address and any new additions could
> be posted in a brief tutor-list message. Would we set it up so that list
> members can ftp their files directly to the site? Or would it be better to have
> them sent to the site's maintainer, who would then list them on the download
> page? I'd be happy to help in any way I can.
>             Cheers,
>                Johnno
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