[Tutor] More path questions

Fabrizio facelle@tiscalinet.it
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 18:42:42 +0100


Newbie. Python 20 and Windows 98.

Thanks to some of you, now I know that if I want the python interpreter to
search for a specific directory where I keep my modules, I have to modify
the PYTHONPATH variable.
In my case (Win98) this can be done by adding to the autoexec.bat file a
line like that :


Well, my question now is : how can I change it so that it searches all the
subdirectories too ?
e.g. I have c:\mymodules\program1  and c:\my modules\program2; is there a
way to avoid adding TWO lines to my autoexec.bat file ?

Thanks in advance.

Fabrizio C.