[Tutor] functions, system statements, sleep

alan.gauld@bt.com alan.gauld@bt.com
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:03:16 -0000

> I'm trying to decide whether I like Perl or Python better. 
> The use of a GUI in Python is good(Is there a way to use 
> Tkinter or any other GUI with Perl?) 

There is a TK package for Perl too but it is not OO in the 
way that Tkinter is. It is much more like the original Tk 
package for Tcl.

> anyway on perl, so I don't mind that. I now don't like that 
> you have to create your function first, I usually get my 
> program out of the way, then make my functions. 

So either use a split screen editor or just page up to the top 
of the file. Or better still put your functions in another 
file so you can reuse them, then import that file as a module. 
This is probably the best way IMHO. Really you are only 
concerned about where in the file you position them, you 
still have to define them to get the program to work, even 
in Perl!

> wouldn't mind if Windoze users couldn't use my program, 

Don't understand this bit, why would windows users not be 
able to use it? Unless you use Unix specific bits but 
that's true of Perl too - even more true in my experience!

Alan G