[Tutor] list (in)comprehensions

kevin parks cpsoct@lycos.com
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 19:31:03 +0900

The other thing that i am failing to understand is Python's new list comprehensions. They are new to 2.0 so are not discussed in any of the books that i have and the www.python.org site has very little on them, except for a few examples of someone fooling around with the interpreter. Some explanation would be helpful. I have been hacking lots of list processing tools and i have a feeling that they could all be rewritten more easily with list comprehensions if only i could (i can't say it) C O M P R E H E N D them (ok i said it). What are list comprehensions good for, what do they make easier, how to use them, etc. As a guy who uses map and filter everyday, it seems like something i better know. I sorely wish there was a howto with code and someone talking to me too! (Python documentation shouldn't just be a screenshot of someone's interpreter, though including an interactive session is helpful).

and happy new year to everyone (year o' da snake it is!)

kevin parks
seoul, korea

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