[Tutor] Upgraded to 2.0

Timothy M. Brauch tbrauch@mindless.com
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 17:09:38 -0500

I had Python 1.5.2 installed on my Windows 98 machine.  I uninstalled
that versino and installed version 2.0.  But, there are a few things
different that I would like to change back, if possible.

With version 1.5.2 if I right-clicked on a *.py or *.pyw file an option
to Edit with Idle or Edit with Emacs always appeared.  Is there a way to
get this back?

Also, when I would open Idle, I would not get the Python Shell, I would
always get an "Untitled" window where I could start programming.  Can I
change this.  Perhaps I just need to change the shortcut?

I did change my autoexec file so that I can run Python from an MS-Dos
prompt.  I am proud of that (okay, it wasn't really hard at all, but I
did do it myself).

If anyone can tell me how to make these changes, I would really
appreciate it.

 - Tim