[Tutor] graphing and other forms of data presentation

Glen Wheeler wheelege@tsn.cc
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:18:07 +1100

  Hi htb,

  I think a canvas might suit your needs - look at the canvas class for
Tkinter.  I'm making a little arkanoid game using a canvas as a playing
field - so I am almost certain a graph would be feasible using this medium.


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Subject: [Tutor] graphing and other forms of data presentation

> Hi folks-
> I've written a very simple prog to generate cell growth data from
> counts.  Eventually, I want to use this as a framework for a more complex
> program, but this is my first intro into python so I'm trying to keep it
> simple for now.
> My question- is there a convenient method to plot graphical data (e.g. XY
> data, or even waveform) using Tkinter, or is it easier to output into
> something like gnuplot?  How would either of these solutions be
> given a structure of data?
> thanks,
> htb
> htb@4dvision.net
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