[Tutor] Hard drive searching

Lindsay Davies Lindsay.Davies@moonshine.co.uk
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 20:32:38 +0000

On 1/30/01, Matthias Hager wrote about '[Tutor] Hard drive searching':
>I've been thinking about this for awhile, but can't figure anything 
>out. What I need my python program to do is, go through my hard 
>drive, as quickly as possible, and return all the files that end 
>with a certain extension(like .html or .py). How could I do this?

Not necessarily elegant, but this should give you the idea...

Best wishes,


def fish(suffix_list, dir, file_list):
	for file in file_list:
		for suffix in suffix_list:
			if string.rfind(file, suffix) >= 0:
				print dir + file

import os, string
args = ['.html', '.py']
os.path.walk("", fish, args)