[Tutor] Client Server Programming

Adinda Praditya pemrograman@telkom.net
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 17:54:02 +0700

> What platform do the components need to run on?  How much low-level
> work do you want to do, versus how much work learning and setting up a
> middleware package?
I'm running Mandrake 8.0, actually i'm gonna build an LTSP (Linux Terminal
Server Project) billing system for Internet Cafe. As you know, everything is
running on the Server, Is socket really necessary for that? (still confuse).

> For school I have had to write some trivial distributed systems.
> First we had to write it using sockets and create our own protocol.
> This can be done and doesn't rely on any 3rd party software, but is a
> lot of work for little gain.  Then we used RMI (yeah, the course is
> taught with Java), and most recently CORBA.  I tried out the CORBA
> stuff with Python (using the orbit-python bindings on my Debian box)
> and it is really cool and fairly simple to create and use distributed
> objects.  I recommend CORBA if you have the flexibility to choose a
> good set of bindings to a good orb.
I haven't heard about CORBA, i'll check it out and i'll try it.

Thank you all,