[sill: Re: [Tutor] help ;-)]

Chris Keelan rufmetal@home.com
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 23:27:58 -0500

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, dman wrote:


> I like the no-tests no-grades perspective.  Instead the educator(s)
> should be able to testify on the student's behalf to those who want to
> know whether or not the student is capable of a given task.  The more
> people a person works with/for the more people who know what the
> person is capable of.  References are better than numbers, I think.

Only playing Devil's Advocate here, but how does the above merit system work 
with class sizes of 100+ students? When I was in university (admittedly not 
in CS) many of the profs never knew our names, much less were able to comment 
on our grasp of course content. 

> If I work with someone, I see what the person is capable of.  I don't
> care what grades they got, I know what they can do.  Too bad the world
> isn't honest enough to operate like this.

I don't think that honesty is necessarily the issue.

Just sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, as usual.

- Chris