[Tutor] Re: Developing GUI-programs using IDLE

Gregor Lingl glingl@aon.at
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 14:03:47 +0200

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> >Otherwise developing GUI-programs with IDLE would be rather
> >uncomfortable.
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> >Gregor Lingl
> I think you will find that developing GUI-programs
> (that use Tk) in IDLE *is* rather uncomfortable.
> That's a drawback of IDLE.
> I agree with the earlier poster:  go ahead and
> edit/reload in IDLE, but test with another icon
> that bypasses IDLE.
> Kirby

What a pity!
Nevertheless, thanks to both of you.

I like to use it in interactive mode to show the working
of Tkinter. It's quite nice to observe Tkinter-Objects react on
single (e.g. config-) statements step by step, and it helps to learn

I wonder, if it would be possible to enhance IDLE (which (version 0.8)
still seems to be in an unmature state) by some sort of multi-threading
mechanism, so GUI-apps could run (and be killed) in a separate thread?

Or is this impossible because of inherent limitations to Tkinter?