[Tutor] concatenating two variables

Andrew Wilkins toodles@yifan.net
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 08:35:29 +0800

Hi Tony

>So, if  variable1 = good  and  variable2 = dog   a
>print variable1 + variable2
>outputs  gooddog
>How do I output  good dog   with the above print statement?

You want to replace the "+" with a comma. So use (for as many variables as
you want to print):-
print variable1,variable2, ...

There's also other ways, like the following way using string formatting:
print "%s %s"%(variable1,variable2)
In that string at the beginning you can decide pricisely how the output will
appear. It can have just the 1 space, or whatever else you want. I think
this is fairly unecessary if you just want to print two variables though. :)