[Tutor] tkinter browser ?

Rob Brown-Bayliss rob@zoism.org
08 Aug 2002 11:19:16 +1200

> I don't know of any suitable controls to make a simple
> (I presume web-) browser with Tkinter. For wxPython there
> is the wxHtmlWindow that can render simple HTML. I guess
> there are Gtk and KDE widgets as well, that can be reached
> from Python through some kind of tool kits. Not Tkinter
> though.

I think maybe you should forget IE and look to Mozilla.  Thewre is/was a
GTK widget that embeds the Mozilla rendering engine (just the html
engine, nothing else), it is being used for at least one web browser

There was/is a python wraper for it, that I used briefly with teh python
gtk wrappers and it worked quite well:  

As I understand it the widget has not been ported to teh GTK 2.0
release, so has to be used with gtk 1.x.

On windows there was a browser also useing this widget, but thats all I
know there...


*  Rob Brown-Bayliss