[Tutor] read file and match string

Jim Ragsdale overlord@netdoor.com
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 18:56:32 -0600

[Kalle Svensson]
I will probably stick with what i have for now. it works. maybe i can get
about a 10meg file if nothing crashes and run some time trials on that.

That line is the only one w/ "[PLAYER_JOIN]" in it. and it is always
formatted the same. although names will be different lengths. Im just
writing out the whole line to the output file. If someone emails me about a
cheater and gives a name, i use find in notepad to search the iplogs and
then i can ban him from the server. Although in the name of space i will
probably go in and strip the first part of the line off.

I guess the ultimate setup would be to check the log from the server and
write the names and ip's to a database. If the name and ip address matched a
record in the database it would skip it. then i would not get duplicates.
everytime the game restarts players join again and i get duplicates. plus
there are many players that play there regularly. I could even add a counter
to see how many times each player is logged.

If i ever finish it or get it nice enough ill post!