[Tutor] Re: a bug?

Christopher Smith csmith@blakeschool.org
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 16:59:08 -0600

karthikg@aztec.soft.net writes:
>> Would you consider the type returned by the 3rd line below to be an
> If so, how do I report it?  I am running Python on a Mac.
>>>> type(type)
><type 'type'
>Quoting a mail from Alan:
>I've been reading about metaclasses recently and came across
>the following comment in an essay (by Guido?) which I thought
>deserved an airing. The sad thing is that it does make sense
>when you read it a few times...
>" In core Python there is only one meta-type, the type ``type''
>(types.TypeType), which is the type of all type objects, even
>itself. "
>Hope that answers your question.

Yes, but the quote that was more to the point for me right now is:

"On first reading, you may want to skip directly to the examples in the
section "Writing Metaclasses in Python" below, unless you want your head
to explode."

This is way over my hear right now.  I see that type having the type
'type' is not a bug for some very interesting reasons...that I might
understand by and by. ;-)

Thanks for the ref.