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Javier JJ python.tutorial@jarava.org
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 12:05:39 +0100

Let's see if this time, it "catches on" the list :)

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Enviado: domingo, 03 de febrero de 2002 21:09
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> The "problem" is not that DOS closes, but that the program finishes. It
> _does_ print the answer you want and, having finished the program, it
> Then windows (I guess you're usign windows :) closes the program window -
> it looks like DOS closing.
> It'd be easier if you first, open a DOS window, and then you run the
> from that window. In that way, once the program it's finished, the window
> will remain open, and you'll be able to see the results...
> Hope that helps..
>     Javier
> PS: In any case, it helps when you ask a question to tell a little about
> system you're using (operating system, etc :)
> JJ
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> De: Callum Golding
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> Enviado: domingo, 03 de febrero de 2002 14:31
> Asunto: [Tutor] help?
> I'm sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you could give me a little
> advice. I've recently downloaded Python 2.2. Ive read a begginers guide to
> programming and tried creating a small program, I used the input function.
> Now as soon as I open the program it goes into dos and asks me the
> and when i type in an anwser, dos shuts down. Now its really starting to
> me. If you could give me some advice I would be real grateful. The program
> wrote is below; -
> tempetature = input("What is the temperature of the spam?")
> if temperature > 50:
>     print "The salad is properly cooked"
> else:
>     print "Cook the salad some more"
>     Mat.G
>         Cheers